Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Lewisville Civic Chorale?
    • The Lewisville Civic Chorale (LCC) is a community chorus based in Lewisville, Texas. Until April 2010, The Lewisville Civic Chorale was known as The Musical Feast Choral Society of Greater Lewisville. The MFCS was co-founded in July 1997 by Peter Schindler and received nonprofit 501©(3) status in October of 2000. LCC is sponsored, in part, by the City of Lewisville via the Greater Lewisville Arts Alliance (GLAA).
  2. What is the mission of the LCC?
    • The mission of the LCC is to present secular and sacred music of the highest quality to the Greater Lewisville community.
  3. Who are the members of the LCC?
    • LCC is a coed chorus with a widely diverse membership that includes students, teachers, retirees and professionals from various fields of work. They all share in a common love and joy of music and working together to bring great choral music to the local community.
  4. How big is the LCC?
    • LCC currently has approximately thirty members. However, we have no specific size limit, and new members are always welcome at any time.
  5. When are your concerts?
    • Generally, four concerts are presented each season: fall, Christmas, winter and spring. The complete schedule can be found on our Concerts page. Additional concerts for city events and special opportunities may also become part of our calendar throughout the year.
  6. Where are your concerts?
    • Concerts are proudly hosted by and held at The Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, Lewisville, TX. Special concerts also take place at the MCL Grand Theater in Old Town Lewisville. Other events are shown on our schedule as they arise.
  7. How do I get concert tickets?
    • Tickets may be purchased at the door or online.
  8. How can I be added to a mailing list?
    • You may be added to the mailing list by sending an e-mail request to Also, join our Facebook fan site for regular updates and information.
  9. What are the admission costs to the concerts?
    • Following are admission costs to the concerts: $15 general admission; $10 seniors; $5 students and children.
  10. Are there discount ticket rates for groups or the season?
    • Yes, we have the following discount rates: $30 family of any size; special group rates are available by contacting Season tickets: $40 for individuals and $85 per family.
  11. Do you take donations?
    • Donations to the LCC are always gratefully accepted. Donations can be submitted online or mailed to Lewisville Civic Chorale, P.O. Box 292111, Lewisville, TX 75029. You will find more information about donations and donor benefits at our Support page.
  12. Can I join as an associate or non-singing member of LCC?
    • Associate (non-singing) members are always welcomed and appreciated. For those wishing to help financially, information on how to contribute can be found by clicking on “Support the Choral Society” on our website at For those willing to contribute their time and energy, we can always use help preparing backdrops in advance of concerts; setting up or dismantling backdrops, equipment, and seating arrangements at concert time; advertising sales; ticket sales; development of grant proposals; program printing; fundraising events; and a myriad of other activities. We are delighted to acknowledge our associate members in our concert programs.
  13. Can I advertise in a LCC program booklet?
  14. How do I join as a chorister?
  15. Do you have to be able to read music to join the LCC?
    • High-level music reading skills, while always beneficial, are not required. A commitment to learn the music in whatever manner one learns best is necessary from every singer.
  16. Are any members of the LCC professional singers?
    • Yes, there are always a few members who have sung professionally. Most members are not professional singers but many have several years of choral experience.
  17. Are any members of the LCC paid to perform?
    • All choristers of the LCC are volunteers and they are not paid to perform.
  18. Where does the LCC practice?
    • All rehearsals are held in the second floor choir room of the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation (west side of main building – sanctuary is on the east side), 602 N. Old Orchard Lane – Lewisville, TX 75077 (corner of Old Orchard and College Parkway.) The rear courtyard side entrance of the church should be used. A handicap elevator is available.
  19. Do choristers pay dues?
    • Yes. Choristers pay dues in the amount of $100 per season and purchase their own music, which the Chorale sources for them at the lowest available price.